Menos is a world of 4 known continents. Each continent has a group of religious followers. Please choose one continent to be “from.”

1. Vulcan (Fire) – Smithy’s
2. Eurusia (Air) – Miller’s
3. Vertumnia (Earth) – Mason’s
4. Islands of Mira (Water) – Mariner’s

One does not get along well with people from other continents. Especially those that are of the “opposite” element. Each religious group worships the god-king/queen of that element who are very powerful. (regardless of which continent you are from, you have not met nor to you know personally the god-king/queen of your continent) Each continent is surrounded by water so travel from continent to continent isn’t done very often by typical citizens.

Recently there have been a string of natural disasters, (floods, hurricanes, forrest fires, earthquakes, etc) and the towns have been destroyed in the process. The increasing dangers are causing rumors of all kinds as to what is causing the mayhem. Rumors of Dragons causing the Fires, Manticore whipping up hurricanes, giant worms shaking the earth, and Kraken producing tidal waves.

You have taken it upon yourself to hear the call of your townsfolk to find the cause of, and thus put a stop to, these horrible catastrophes and have set sail to the ice swept island in the north known as “The Eye” which is rumored to be the place where the God-King/Queens were born.


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